Adams Township approves construction bid

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette Both Jeffers High School and South Range Elementary School are scheduled for renovations beginning in June, but due to expenditures on security and power upgrades, the contract budget must be revised.

PAINESDALE — The Adams Township School Board on Wednesday approved a bid by Gundlach Champion to be the general contractor for the upcoming work on both the high school and the elementary school.

The contract award includes contingencies superintendent Tim Keteri said will replace a contingency amount eliminated as a result of upgrades to power and security, which were included in the original plan.

Keteri said there is a large amount of remodeling involved, and at this phase it is not known what unforeseen circumstances may be encountered in the project.

“So, what we want to do,” said Keteri, “is look at the overall project, downsize, scale back.”

For example, he said, floor covering options and lighting options will be considered, as well as storage sheds that were included in the original plan.

By scaling back the plan, Keteri said, there will be money in the budget to address any unexpected issues associated with the project.

As a result of the security and power upgrades, the money intended for such contingencies was spent, and the project will not move forward until ways are established to recover the money spent on the upgrades.

Included in the plan is a new cafeteria above the old gym, which connect the two science rooms, and a new entry system for the students, Keteri said.

The back entry of the school became the primary entry when the recent addition was built on the high school, something Keteri said was not intended to happen.

The entry will be addressed in the project. Repairs will also be made the school’s swimming pool.

A new roof for the elementary school in South Range is included in the project, along with restructuring the principal’s office to increase its security to allow observation of individuals entering and leaving the school.

The original plan, which calls for some classroom upgrades, which were to include new flooring, entrance masonry repairs and upgrade technologies.

The upgrades such as the floor coverings are those to be considered in scaling back the project.

“None of the downsizing or scaling back will affect the overall project,” said Keteri, “but we’re excited to work with Gundlach to get the budget back on track.”