Evelyn Dorothy Timm

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Evelyn Dorothy Timm, 85, passed away February 2, 2019.

Evelyn (Evie) was born July 31, 1933, in Wakefield. Her mother emigrated from Finland at the age of 16 and worked as a domestic for a number of years. She settled in Wakefield and married John Maki. John died when Evelyn was an infant leaving her mother to raise Evelyn, her sisters Estelle and Ruth, and her brother Wilbur on her own.

Evelyn’s love of books and learning inspired her to attend the University of Michigan, an institution that her high school advisors said would be too tough for her. She proved them wrong by completing a degree with high marks.

She met and married Robert (Bob) Timm while at the University of Michigan. They had two children, Leslie and Stephen. Having advanced degrees prepared them for University careers at the University of Illinois and Michigan Technological University.

Evelyn loved the university environment and thrived on the opportunity to learn. At the University of Michigan, she completed a Master of Information Science (MIS) degree. This degree prepared her for a career in libraries.

Bob Timm died in 1974. Evelyn’s friends were a source of comfort. A close friend, Ann, shared a passion for things that were old but could be salvaged and they called this the “salvage arts”. Evie was known for producing beautiful weavings, particularly rugs that were woven from discarded rag material.

Another friendship was with Alden Kendall who she met in Houghton. They married in 1989. With her children and his three children Michael, David and Kelley, this blended family of seven was able to share many visits and outdoor adventures.

In Duluth, Minnesota, she was an early member of the Wild Ones, an organization that promoted using native plants in gardens and wild landscapes. This group provided her with native plant knowledge and opportunities to be outdoors.

Evelyn loved the outdoors where she could bike, ski, hike, and canoe. She loved sharing outdoor play with her children. Her greatest pleasure came from her native plant garden that surrounded their Park Point home in Duluth, Minnesota. She was a woman who laughed heartily, smiled brightly, and loved her family and friends. Her favorite quote was from Emerson, “The earth laughs in flowers”.

Evelyn is remembered and celebrated by her husband, Alden Kendall; her son, Stephen (Sue) Timm; her daughter, Leslie (Gary) LoPresto; her stepdaughter, Kelley (Denis) Kendall; and her stepsons, David (Michiko) Kendall, and Michael (Robyn) Kendall. Also remembering Evelyn are her brother, Wilbur (Marge) Maki; her sister, Estelle; her blended family of six grandchildren, Tom, Spencer, Maya, Tia, Emily, and Joelle; plus four great-grandchildren, Mina, Myles, Mason, and Liam, will remember her as Granny.

A memorial service will be held at 1 p.m. on June 30, 2019, at the Saint Andrews-by-the-Lake Episcopal Church, 2802 Minnesota Avenue, Duluth, MN 55802. A memorial gift in her name to the Wild One’s can be sent to the church address. Interment will occur on July 1, 2019, in Houghton.