It takes a village

“A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.”~Mahatma Gandhi

Outcome-based goals for each child we work with and in making “matches” and supporting these mentoring relationships toward these goals.

We help children to realize their potential and build their futures and in turn we strengthen communities. We couldn’t do any of it without you! In particular, we depend on support from the community through our signature fundraising event, Bowl for Kids, which is scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 21st in Houghton. Bowl for Kids is definitely not about the bowling. It’s about having fun for a good cause. The purpose of the event is to invite the community to be a part of our mission and to help us to achieve the scale we need in realizing our vision. It is an easy and fun way for people to support children in our local communities and make a big difference. Anyone can get involved as a bowler, a team captain, a sponsor or all three. Partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters through Bowl for Kids has a positive, long?lasting impact in our community.

It begins within your own world, with your own belief system and what you feel might be a wise and valuable investment. I believe that Big Brothers Big Sisters is a piece of the puzzle in tackling large scale social issues. That is where I invest my heart and soul. I hope that you might give a piece of yourself to support my chosen cause. Honestly though, there are so many other pieces that you can support too. Look around you, many programs and organizations exist to tackle our communities’ and the World’s most pressing issues. Whatever philanthropy you choose, wherever your heart lies… Do something within your power to support and help that cause.

Maggie M. Munch, MPA is program director of U.P. Kids Big Brothers Big Sisters