CTE testimonials illustrate program’s value

Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes have helped many local students gain valuable experiences through internships in local businesses. There are plenty of examples to demonstrate this.

Michael Scott of Houghton High School stated that auto tech was his favorite class. During this class he had the opportunity to do an internship at Keweenaw Automotive.

“I have never gained so much from any other class,” Scott said. “The Copper Country ISD’s auto tech class has taught me real life-skills that I can use to support myself after high school. In auto tech, I have learned problem solving skills that I can apply everywhere in life.”

Roger Hill, owner of Keweenaw Automotive, sees great value in the internships provided through CTE classes like Auto Tech.

“I see firsthand how these programs are helping our local students get great educational experience, helping them become prepared for a career in the skilled trades,” Hill said. “This is necessary in today’s workforce and our community.”

Carl Olson of Chassell High School took a machine tool class during his junior year and was given an internship placement with L’Anse Manufacturing during his senior year. Because of this experience, Carl was offered and accepted a job at L’Anse Manufacturing.

In fact, Carl was offered several jobs. Next year there will be seven young men participating in internships as part of the machine tool class.

“Being a CTE student allowed me to meet many people, create potential job opportunities and build many bridges,” Olson said.

Mark Massicotte, president of L’Anse Manufacturing, is very impressed with the machining program.

“We have had the privilege of observing Carl embrace the program where his efforts allow him to define his future,” he said. “If a student works hard and is dedicated to the CTE program, companies take notice. Those are the workers they want in their shops.

“The CTE programs bring forward opportunities that are difficult to measure. Carl’s participation at L’Anse Manufacturing is an example of those benefits. His individual efforts and energy toward the program have been exemplary, and I wish him well as he begins his career as a manufacturing professional.”

Many of our certified nursing assistant (CNA) students also get jobs right after graduation. One example is Jacob Martin of Hancock High School, who is working at the Houghton County Medical Care Facility.

When Martin’s teacher asked him to describe his CTE program, he wrote, “Because of the CTE program, I am prepared for the real world with skill and knowledge to further help me on my goal to becoming a registered nurse. This CTE course opened up many opportunities for me. The class is quite different from normal classes, which is good.”

Angela Bates, director of Nursing at the Houghton County Medical Care Facility, said: “I feel that the Certified Nursing Assistant program offered at the CCISD is crucial for our area. We hire many students who have completed the program. There is a very high demand for CNAs in our area.”

Amanda Hermanson, the Copper Country ISD’s health careers teacher, has witnessed many of her students get jobs after completing clinical experiences during the school year. She said students have received jobs at local veterinarian clinics, ophthalmology clinics and dentist offices, to name a few.

These are just a few of the many examples of how CTE classes benefit our local students and businesses. CTE classes, along with the internship opportunities they provide, not only allow students to develop valuable work skills but also enable them to immediately find jobs in our local community.

George Stockero Jr. is the superintendent of the Copper Country Intermediate School District.