CTE success stories pay off for all of us

All of us share in the success when local students who receive career technical education (CTE) move from high school into good-paying local jobs.

Those students get good jobs without being burdened with college student loan debt and become taxpayers and contributors to the local economy.

Local companies benefit by filling positions requiring advanced training and special knowledge, which boosts their profits and boosts the tax base.

The Copper Country Intermediate School District is telling the story behind every one of these instances in a collection called “Success Stories.” These stories tell of how local community members got their start in a high school CTE class and highlights the importance of CTE in their lives.

We know where the CCISD is coming from. People like reading stories, especially stories about people in their community and stories that are relevant to their daily lives. That is what you will find on the front page of this newspaper every day.

That is how this newspaper serves the communities of Baraga, Keweenaw, Houghton and Ontonagon counties on a daily basis, providing narratives every day on issues residents need and want to know.

You can find other state, national and international news from other sources, and we also provide some of that, but you cannot find local news in the depth and detail we offer from anywhere else, even other media sources that purport to cover this four-county region.

The CCISD’s “Success Stories,” however, go into more depth on the value of CTE than even we can provide, although this newspaper is the best source outside the CCISD informing readers of this important local news. This publication’s theme is that CTE not only helps our students about to enter the local workforce, but it also helps our economy.

A Daily Mining Gazette editorial