Learn, have fun at center’s fly fishing exhibit

Area residents and visitors from other areas of the Upper Peninsula with an interest in local history, natural resources and literature are in for a treat if they visit the Marquette Regional History Center’s new exhibit titled, “Kissing the Water: The Lure and the Lore of Fly Fishing.”

Not surprisingly, the exhibit will, in part, explore John Voelker’s interest in the sport. Voelker, who died in 1991, was a former Michigan Supreme Court judge and author.

His passion for fly fishing was well known.

“One of the things he brought was humor, his writing,” MRHC Curator Jo Wittler said in a Mining Journal story on the matter. “I think he brought a lot of passion to the sport and there is a certain amount. You know, there is that stereotype, there is the solitude, but there is also a certain amount of camaraderie amongst fishermen. And so, he had that.”

Wittler said the exhibit was put together to demonstrate how the sport captures art, philosophy, literature and environmental concerns.

“So we talk about the history, the first part is kind of about the history and the people,” Wittler said in the Journal story. “Then we talk about the biology and the ecology, influences how the streams change and some of the insect life, what are we imitating.”

For more information about the exhibit, see the history center website at www.marquettehistory.org, or the Marquette Regional History Center’s Facebook page.

Mining Journal (Marquette)