Safety should be priority for bicyclists

The Marquette area has been well recognized for being one of the best mountain biking areas in the United States. The city of Marquette and surrounding areas are working hard to make the entire area more bike friendly. The Iron Ore Heritage Trail offers a great bike riding experience between Ishpeming and Marquette that is a family- friendly trail. We are seeing more and more tourists visiting our area to take advantage of our bike trails. Just look around and you will see a significant number of vehicles with bike racks on them.

We applaud all the groups in the area that have built and are maintaining trails, which makes us such an appealing biking location. Our reputation on being a superior biking destination will continue to fuel the local economy as more and more people find out about how nice the trails are around here. Several miles of our trails follow the shoreline of beautiful Lake Superior, which is another asset that makes us a biking destination location.

While bragging about how nice our area is for biking, it is important to remember safety while biking. Using a good bike helmet is very important to keep you safe. Over the last several years around 800 bicyclists per year were killed while biking in the United States. Wearing a helmet can be the difference between a bike accident causing only a headache or a minor head injury, or possibly dying or being disabled from a serious head injury.

We encourage everyone who rides a bike to wear a helmet. We want everyone to enjoy biking in our area, but we also want them to do it safely. The definition of an accident is an unforeseen or unplanned event. Because you don’t know when an accident is going to happen you need to always wear a helmet. Some severe head injuries can occur while people are biking on bike trails and paths at very slow speeds. It is not worth the risk for vanity reasons to not wear a helmet. Always wear a helmet, which significantly mitigates the seriousness of a head injury.

Enjoy biking in the beautiful Upper Peninsula and the Marquette area. Please take our advice and wear a helmet for your future and the future of your family and friends. Remember the old saying that an ounce of prevention can be worth a pound of cure. Wearing a helmet can be the ounce of prevention that can make a lifetime of difference in case of an accident.