Take some time to look at UP’s autumn splendor

It’s something easy enough to do, letting time slip through one’s fingers.

But a lovely front page story and photo package on Sunday should serve as a reminder: catch the Upper Peninsula’s spectacular color season before it’s gone.

With a few days of summery weather, it might be simple enough to be lulled into a state of denial that the leaves will be falling in rapid fashion. But that’s what will happen, so we encourage everyone to take a look around at Mother Nature’s glorious color show in the woods all over the U.P.

In Sunday’s story by Staff Writer Jaymie Depew, Upper Peninsula Travel and Recreation Association Executive Director Tom Nemacheck said the rate leaves are changing this year in the U.P. seem to be right on track.

Of course, the season starts earlier in some parts of the peninsula, so we hope people check out UPTRA’s website, which has a tab specifically for reports of fall color in the U.P. That website is www.uptravel.com.

There’s something about seeing the colors in person that brings one a sense of serenity. And capturing those colors in photos and videos gives Yoopers something beautiful to warm one’s heart when the temperature heads below zero in the not too distant future.

Winter, too, has its own beauty, all white and blue and frosty.

But please take the time to look around when the colors are at their peak. It’s a beautiful opportunity we Yoopers sometimes neglect.

Mining Journal (Marquette)