Local news needs support of base to thrive

For the thousands of Copper Country residents who appreciate and value the local news and information produced and delivered to your door six days a week, you ought to know about the ongoing challenges that keep this operation on the razor’s edge in publishing local news.

You all need to know this, because if you want to continue receiving news about your community that you cannot get anywhere else, then you can make a vital contribution to making that happen.

The array of challenges facing this community newspaper and all others like it is quite extensive, but in a nutshell it is this: News revenue and audiences have been severely fragmented due to new non-journalism internet media outlets, which, instead of being committed to reporting facts and truth, have attracted news consumers by offering information reinforcing beliefs, biases and values disguised as news.

We know this is happening, because on a regular basis, subscribers are dropping their subscriptions claiming this newspaper doesn’t report local news, is biased against one political side or the other and does not “support” (actual word used) certain politicians or elected officials.

But this editorial is not to defend ourselves from what’s going on in those people’s minds. This is a call to action to our base: the people who appreciate the local news we produce that affects them, their friends and their families on a daily basis that has far greater effects on their lives that what’s going on in Washington, D.C.

If we were gone, they would not see the hundreds of local residents we show in photos each month. They would not get the facts of what’s going on at the village hall, what the local police are doing, accurate details on traffic accidents or house fires, what events are happening in their town this weekend, what local school children are learning or accomplishing, what is happening at the universities and many other news stories and information that they need and want to know.

These loyal subscribers get it. They realize what we do. So they deserve to know how they can preserve this vital community service in the future.

Here is how you can help: be a counter-protester to the ones who quit subscribing. Make sure all your friends and neighbors are subscribers, and if they’re not, explain why local news is important to them and their families. You get it. You know why. Let them know that.

Another way to help is to patronize our local businesses and all the advertisers in the newspaper. And when you do, tell them why you’re doing business with them — because they advertise in the Daily Mining Gazette.

The backlash against the media is affecting all media, including your local newspaper. If you believe that is a dangerous threat to national security, not to mention your right to know what’s going on in your neighborhood, then stand up for preserving local community news.