Good news leads year in review of local stories

Every issue of the Daily Mining Gazette is a snapshot in time of what is happening in the Copper Country, a compilation of issues and news the people need to know and information about what people want to know.

Today’s issue includes a bonus: A review of all the local news we’ve covered during 2017.

Based on the unprecedented instances where residents exercised their First Amendment rights, we chose the rising up of the protest movement as the top local news story of the year.

From January through December, 2017 was a tumultuous year across the country and including the Copper Country, during which local residents marched, demonstrated and rallied on a host of issues, reflecting a general sense of unrest and contention seen all across the country.

Covering these rallies, demonstrations and peaceful protests is one of many examples of good news regularly printed Daily Mining Gazette. Oh yes, this is good news: it shows how the freedoms of the people granted by the Constitution are being exercised across this country including here still today.

Well into its third century, the Constitution of the United States is alive and well. The protest season of 2017 confirmed it. Americans here and everywhere invoked their First Amendment rights to free speech, peaceful assembly (with one exception in Charlottesville), acting on their chosen religious principles –or not — and petitioning their government for redress of grievances, and the press was free to report what happened and what people said.

There it is — all five freedoms specified in the First Amendment put into elegant action. That exceeds the definition of good news.

This newspaper offers the people of the Copper Country a product that is more than just the hard news of the day. We offer sports, arts and entertainment, culture, lifestyle features, health and wellness and information on what is happening in all the area’s communities for residents of all ages. During 2017, the daily product of local news in more than 300 issues included:

•Reporters filed 3,089 bylined news stories, sports stories and police logs;

•1,800 news and sports photos were printed;

•3,005 residents of Houghton, Keweenaw, Baraga and Ontonagon counties were identified in photos

•367 letters to the editor and 358 columns by local writers or about local issues were published.

Like today’s year in review of 2017, these statistics are just a piece of the overall picture of the Copper Country that we’ve documented over the past 12 months. The actual value of this product is incalculable.

We are committed to topping that in 2018.