Make biggest difference close to home

With the beginning of a new year, resolve to make the Copper Country a better place to live.

There are several ways make a positive contribution, including volunteering at nonprofits and charities or public agencies like libraries and schools; community organizing and advocacy on issues and community needs; and public service, such as serving on a municipal or school board or seeking appointment to a municipal citizens committee.

With regard to elections, the time to act is literally now to apply for candidacy and collect signatures for nominating positions. It’s as easy to stand for election as it is to vote in this country — just choose the office and then go to the administrative office of that body to apply for candidacy.

Community organizing is basically making sure public officials do their job. Organizing a coalition of concerned voters to advocate for community issues is as American as apple pie. Even if its engaging people in public discourse by writing letters to the editor or addressing officials at public meetings, it makes a community stronger.

Here is the formula for those who want to make a difference in their community: The closer to home you go, the more impact you will have on your community.

Everybody has the opportunity to make the world — at least the world around their home — a better place to live every day of the year, whether or not it is through a formal commitment of volunteering, organizing and public servive, because serving your community is a state of mind. Be it resolved that every one of us makes our communities better in 2018.