Watchdog news journalists are on job for you

Watchdog reporters are the lifeblood of a news organization, covering everything from elected officials and campaigns to the operations of government and public entities like CATA and MSU.

Know that watchdogs reporters are looking out for you. Their work is focused on promoting transparency in public organizations, which helps build a stronger community.

The Lansing State Journal has four reporters whose key role includes holding public organization’s accountable, although any of the 17 reporters and columnists might write such articles as opportunities arise.

Some recent examples:

•MSU hid full conclusions of 2014 Larry Nassar report from victim (January 2018)

•An attorney is investigated for concerns over work as a guardian to elderly (October 2017)

•A look at police and firefighters’ overtime and impacts on city debt (August 2017)

•Michigan child welfare workers may have manipulated records to meet caseload requirements (May 2017)

•1,758 Ingham County cases had missing or mislabeled evidence (March 2017)

The watchdog role of journalism is vital to a healthy community.

Show your support by showing up, sharing your questions and following the work of your community newspaper watchdog reporters while they are looking out for you.