Evolution is a farce

To the editor:

“Evolution just gives a plausible explanation….” (DMG 4-16-13) Not! You can’t get something from nothing. “[Evolution] is so highly probable.” Not!

The writer talks as if statements by “prominent” people are facts. They’re mere opinions … wishful thinking … fantasy.

Whenever would a “theory” be considered an “accomplishment”? And that evolution is a “great unifying factor” of anything is in itself laughable. The writer tries to sound so learned. The facade of scientific terms is meant as a front for his fanciful belief.

Yes! “…hundreds of thousands of highly trained scientists around the world … manage to reach an accord on a mythical [supernatural] interpretation of the data.”

The writer also refers to Rene Descates who also said, “I think, therefore I am.” What gave him the first clue? If Descartes removed all preconceived notions and came up with “I exist,” then I refer the reader back to paragraph one, i.e., you can’t get something from nothing.

“…how is space warped?” asks this same letter writer (DMG 5-17-13). The question SHOULD be: How is man’s mind warped? Quibble quibble, quibble. Mankind is getting way too smart for his own good. The only ones “laughing at” literalists (DMG 5-16-13) are the unbelievers.

Never for a moment doubt the spiritual existence of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Marilyn Sager