Exchange a great opportunity

To the editor:

I’m an exchange student from Germany. For the past year I lived in Chassell with the Maki family.

I would like to thank my amazing host family for hosting me and for giving me the opportunity to experience the U.S.

I got to experience the American culture and I hope I’ll leave a part of Germany here.

The Chassell Township schools gave me the chance to experience the American school life.

The exchange definitely changed me and will have impact on my future. I grew up and became more mature. I got to know my strengths and skills and myself better than ever before.

Of course Prom, football, Thanksgiving, and ice hockey were awesome experiences but the most important for me is that I gained a second family and a second home. Bensheim, a town in Germany, isn’t the only place I would call my home. Home is where the people you love care about you and where you can return and get help in every situation. I’m proud to call Chassell one of my homes and I will return as often as I’m able to.

Youth For Understanding is always looking for host families and if you’re interested, get involved. District office number: 1-866-493-8872; website:

If you have a kid that is interested in going abroad, there are great scholarship opportunities.

Ina Jetter