Great job at concert

To the editor:

I attended the Houghton Middle School Spring Concert last night (May 7) to watch my niece play in the 7th & 8th Grade band and wanted to express my appreciation for the wonderful work both Ann Campbell and Kelly Fontaine have done with the students. It was plain to see how hard the kids have worked to learn their music. It was also clear how much fun they were having. Even if most of them do not carry on with music after high school, this experience will affect them forever.

I was in the Houghton High School band and choir back in the day and remember what a great experience it was for me. I was not one of the better musicians in either group but was proud to be a part of such a talented bunch of kids. Mr. Norden was a fantastic conductor. Tough but talented, both as a musician and teacher.

Thank you Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Fontaine for your dedication to these students and for providing a fun night of music for the community.

Gretchen Janssen