Nice new store

To the editor:

As I returned from a visit to my son’s hone in Jacksonville, Flo., and walked into Louie’s brand new store, I was greeted by none other than Louie himself. What a awesome job he and his family have done. I loved the open feeling and wide open spaces. The store offers a wide choice and is easy to get around. This is truly a credit to Calumet.

While in Jacksonville, I went to their supermarket and bought their best ground chuck beef for my Swedish meatballs. What a difference in their meat from Louie’s. I am spoiled and I know it. My meatballs feel apart and did not taste the same. The meat was 80 percent lean but was anything but. Not only that but the price was higher.

This area has some very good business people with outstanding service. I’d like to tell you about an experience I had with Keweenaw Door. It was a Saturday morning and I was to pick my husband up from Aspirus Hospital when my garage door broke. I called Keweenaw Door and he was at my home in minutes. How he got here so fast is a mystery. On another occasion the door was making some very strange sound so I called again. They did such a good job fixing it that now years later it is still working well.

It was Saturday again and I was busy cooking for my out of town company when my stove died. My son and I went to Newman’s Appliance store in Calumet and bought a new stove. We just beat them home, when they delivered and set up the new one. Only in Calumet.

Lois Jean Dahlquist Woodworth