Profound thanks

To the editor:

On October 20, 2012, we learned that our three year old daughter Ana had a cancerous brain tumor. On that day the world changed for our entire family. We started a journey that took us to University of Michigan’s Children’s Hospital for brain surgery, and then on to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas for radiation treatments.

As Ana and our family faced these challenges, this community reached out to help us in so many incredible and meaningful ways. We have always known that the people of our region truly make this a very special place. We are overwhelmed and humbled by the outpouring of support we have received. For us, as we watched our “little trooper” face the myriad of medical procedures, tests, etc to have the thoughts, prayers, letters, cards, little gifts, e-mails, gift cards, donations, fundraisers and even a box of pasties sent to Texas… has been incredible. From every little thing everyone has done, to the very significant way people have devoted their time and treasures to support us, all have helped to bolster and help us through this difficult time. We can never say thank you to everyone we want to So know that we are profoundly thankful to everyone.

The way this community responded to our situation truly touched our hearts and made us realize how lucky we are to live among such wonderful and caring people. It also reaffirmed our commitment to be great stewards of this caring spirit: We will continue to “pay it forward”. We think of it every day especially when we hear of another young person facing similar challenges. We know the pain and uncertainty that the entire family is going through, and our hearts go out to them. And we join the rest of our community in doing all that we can to support them.

Thank you for everything. Ana is doing well. Recent scans are showing no recurrence of the tumor, which is such good news. We are blessed to have so many people who have helped to support us through this journey all of you will have a special place in our hearts for the rest of our lives.

Stephan and Cathy Olsson