Thanks for resolving parking issue

To the editor:

I would like to thank the following people for their effort to resolve the parking issue at the Laurium Ball Parks.

First, Mr. Mattson of Dirt Works Construction Company who found the road relocation project was possible. Then, Mr. Sickler of Mohawk Sand and Gravel for his offer of pit run gravel; Mr. Fred Stukel, for his offer to truck the material.

THe job could have been done with volunteer help on a Saturday afternoon. This is how most of this complex was built.

Another suggestion was a 4×8 sign put up at the gate entrance, allowing seniors and handicapped, with a 5 mph speed limit posted. The plywood would be donated by Mr. Butcovich, manager at 41 Lumber in Laurium along with a quart of black paint with a quart of white and four bolts to mount the sign. Mr. Steber agreed to have the art class at school professionally print the sign at absolutely no cost to Laurium tax payers.

We have exhausted our ideas on how to make it Family Friendly as it has been for decades in the past. If someone in the General Public has a potential solution, please submit them to the Laurium Recreation Committee.

We have not found a coach, LIttle League Official nor parent who agree with this Lock Out Policy. This is probably not the first time someone has made a decision on a situation an overlooked the number of people it will have a negative effect on. But it shouldn’t take over three years to come up with a reasonable solution. The Council’s policy is like going hunting for squirrels with 357 Magnum. We are planning on having conversation with the American Civil Liberty Union on this matter. Hopefully, this matter can be resolved in the near future.

Carl Bjorn