Bible quotes out of context

To the editor:

I am writing concerning the letter submitted a few weeks back from the reader in California. He mentioned three Bible verses that seemed to alarm him and turn him off. The problem is the verses were quoted separately and out of the context of the surrounding verses. Luke 14:26 says to hate our father, mother, wife, child …and his own life…The word “hate” means to put everything else second place and keep Almighty God in first place. Matt. 10:34 says .. I came not to send peace but a sword … The following verse teaches how even immediate family members will be at odds with one another, sometimes to the extreme, since one member has decided to follow Jesus Christ and the other wants to continue following his own way. These are completely opposite directions.

The last verse mentioned, II Thess. 2:11-12, teach that those who have had the opportunity to hear about God’s gift of eternal life, and rejected it will have a strong delusion in the tribulation and not more chances.

I pray for you, that your eyes will be opened, your heart softened and your will surrendered to see God. I believe God is alive and real, heaven and hell are real places and each of us will be in one place or the other when we die.

When all is said and done, imagine you are standing before God, the Creator of the universe; He is adorned in perfection and complete holiness. You cringe under His piercing gaze knowing He has full knowledge of every single sing you have committed against Him.

He asks you, why should I, the awesome, all-powerful, Holy God, let you into My heaven? What will your answer be?

Marlene Fearnside

Brodhead, Wis