Casperson needs to be pushed

To the Editor:

This past Friday, Senator Tom Casperson held a town hall meeting in Calumet to speak with his constituency and answer questions regarding policy making. During this meeting, numerous arguments were raised about Senator Casperson’s Senate bill 78- a bill restricting the Michigan Depart of Natural Resources from enforcing measures to protect land for biodiversity purposes.

The senator explained that his proposed changes to the existing law were made to block the MDNR’s implementation of Biodiversity Stewardship Areas, a federally sponsored project which may have encompassed privately owned land. However, this explanation does not hold up to the language of the Senator’s bill. Senator Casperson legislation interferes with the MDNR’s ability to preserve ANY land for biodiversity purposes.

After all, if the senator’s issue was truly with the BSA program, why didn’t he work to change the language of the state’s implementation of the plan, as opposed to the entire Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act of 1994?

As citizen’s we must continue to push the Senator Casperson for a more adequate explanation of his actions, and if one cannot be provide, call for the immediate revision of the law.

Alistair Smith