Conditions in jail are poor

To the editor:

This is in response to Sheriff McLean’s comment of “deliberate indifference” in regards to lawsuits due to the conditions at the Houghton County Jail. Along with the comments of Kevin Coppy who knows the jail is/will not up to Department of Corrections requirements. I can attest to the conditions among other things as I am an inmate at the jail at this time. I am in here for drinking and driving which is wrong and I deserve to be here.

To inform the public of the conditions: The windows leak terribly, the walls and bars are filled with chipped paint (who knows about lead content). The showers have mold and rust, peeling paint leaking/broken valves, air vents are so clogged there is no air flowing through them.

The sink/toilet area has mildew and some cells have no hot water at all while others have water barely coming out of the faucet, some of us have had to “play” with the sink to get water.

Some people don’t have a mattress to lay on or a blanket to cover up with or a “jail pillow” to rest their head on. It’s not supposed to be a place of comfort, but a humanely treated facility, it should be.

They complain about the food budget, lay off some of the extra positions that are just “title” jobs.

We (inmates) see more officers just sitting around playing on Facebook then doing their jobs.

Even with the new check-in system there are still suicide attempts. I am taking a very big risk of retaliation by writing this but I feel that someone needs to speak out and inform the public of what is actually happening inside the Houghton County Jail. I hope that you will print this article to raise awareness and also for accountability of the Sheriff’s Department.

Also, there is a great need for psychiatric and better medical care especially when it comes to medications.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this.

Eric Pushe

Inmate Houghton County Jail