Looking for military justice

To the editor:

Military Justice Improvement Act proposed by Congressman Benishek – My daughter had joined the service in 2009 and enjoyed it immensely.

She had been a very bright, energetic young lady who was an honor student through high school. She was molested after only 1 yr, 9 months of her 5 year commitment.

When she reported this, absolutely nothing was done to her five assailants. They move on with their promotions, careers, etc. Meanwhile, my daughter was having hallucinations of men coming at her, she was hearing voices, she was scared to the point that she had a mental breakdown.

She was discharged with no medical care whatsoever, other than counseling. She cannot hold a job, cannot fully care for herself and has gained 100 lbs.

This is not the same wonderful young woman that I had raised; my cheerleader, my honor student.

We need to support the new Bipartisan Effort to Stop Military Sexual Assault. My daughter needs to realize that justice can be served against those that commit crimes. Those men need to be punished …. not my daughter, the victim.

She lost her career, her job, and any chance of making a good living for herself. She is mentally broken.

She lost nearly everything her future held, while those men are praised and promoted moving on in their careers and being honored for their service. This is WRONG.

We need to help those that need it and punish those that commit crimes.

Vicki Anderson