No vet has to go it alone

To the editor:

The Upper Peninsula Iraq and Afghanistan veterans group is a recently formed support group with the goal of fostering comradery in the upper peninsula. We want to make sure that none of these veterans or their family members have to deal with the challenges that arise from being in combat alone.

PTSD is a serious problem amongst veterans and many have trouble trying to get out and find people they can relate to. A lot of these veterans lose the comradery and friendships they once had when they return from overseas or leave the service.

We want to battle this problem by holding a few get together events each year where all the Irag/Afghanistan vets can get together and meet others who share similar experiences and understand the troubles they are experiencing, the goal is to find comradery and support amongst eachother that many have lost.

The group is open to all Iraq and Afghanistan veterans of the u.p. as well as their family members. There are no dues of formal application process. This group is simply to find support and friendship amongst other veterans. Nobody should battle this alone and with a little help, nobody has to do it alone.

We are trying to get the message out. We can be contacted at We also have a facebook page:

Jason Tormala

Atlantic Mine