President needs to be impeached

To the editor:

How many American’s actually comprehend the consequences of a tyrannical government dictating it’s subjects every action/thought from cradle to grave?

Why is Obama pushing America into UN treaties that’ll ultimately allow the UN to dicate Americas laws/policies and govern Americas citizenry?

Can anyone explain why Obama enacted Presidential 51 other than providing government the ultimate powers to arrest and imprison Americans without warrant, just cause, or rights of due process?

Why would Obama and the liberal/progressive left support Occupy Wall Street’s anti-capitalists and rioters but vilifies peaceful conservatives, Tea Party and job creating capitalists?

Why would Obama deny patriots were abandoned in Benghazi, Benghazi was a terrorist attack, Holder orchestrated Fast and Furious, denied Congress Fast and Furious documents, levied 40 new taxes upon Americans throught his socialistic healthcare plan/Obamacare, and wants law abiding citizens silenced/disarmed?

Who in government authorized IRS, judiciary, and law enforcement agents to target conservatives, Tea Party, and religious organizations/members whose social/political philosophies/ideologies don’t fall inline with Obama’s, liberals and progressives?

Who in government authorized judiciary/law enforcement agents to illegally obtain phone records, spy upon, and ultimately try to restrict Americans freedom of speach and freedom of the press through intimidation?

Why did a Democrat Statesmen imply it was victimized conservatives fault IRS and law enforcement agents oppressed, harassed, and discriminated against them because their social/political philosophies/ideologies didn’t fall inline with Obama’s, liberals, and progressives?

Does our out of control government’s action somewhat mirror the 3rd Reich’s which began an era of imprisoning anyone whose race and personal, social, or political philosophies/ideologies didn’t fall inline with Adolf Hitler’s, ultimately leading to millions on Hitler’s enemies lists being murdered?

Who in America is on Obama’s, liberals, and/or progressives enemies list?

Will governments abuse of power, authority, and attempts to silence/disarm citizens result in the destruction of our Nations Sovereignty by implementing a single party tyrannical government that dictates our every action/thought from cradle to grave if not stopped now?

Obama needs to be impeached and politicians, government officials/agents who violated constitutional law and select individuals/groups rights, liberties, and freedoms must be arrested, prosecuted, and punished for their crimes.

Ray Wickstrom