Quilt Block Trail started

To the editor:

Thanks to all who helped begin the Copper Country Quilt Block Trail

The Sandstone Piecemakers Quilt Guild would like to thank the many hands who helped create and install the beautiful blue and white quilt block high on the outside wall of Finlandia’s Jutila Center.

Special thanks to creator and artist, Pam Hawley, and her husband, Don, for building the framework and block, designing the pattern and many hours of painting with assistance from Anita & Paul Campbell.

Thank you to Finlandia University for hosting the first of hopefully many more area quilt blocks on the Copper Country Quilt Block Trail.

Thank you to Curt Hahka and the Finlandia maintenance crew for help in the installation, with assistance from Closner Construction of Marquette.

Keep your eyes open for future quilt blocks in our community.

If you are interested in putting a quilt block on your building, please contact member Anita Campbell at 337-2704.

Jacobsville Sandstone Piecemakers Quilt Guild