Posing Biblical questions

To the editor:

Conservative and fundamentalist Christians maintain that Jesus of Nazareth is God manifest in the flesh, and part of the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

They also believe that the Bible is the inspired, if not infallible, word of God.

If so, why didn’t Jesus explain to us the germ theory of disease instead of letting people think that sickness was caused by demons? He could also explain why disease producing organisms were created in the first place.

Next, he could explain why a predatory world was created where every creature is on the menu of some other creature or creatures.

Also, what was the purpose of poisonous plants and animals?

Why was 150 million years wasted on dinosaurs only to be extinguished by a comet or meteor crashing into the Earth.

And, couldn’t the Earth be created to be more tranquil rather than having violent storms, earthquakes and exploding volcanoes?

The world is composed of atoms. Why didn’t Jesus expand on this and reveal the sub-atomic structure of the atom? And give us the laws of Physics and Chemistry?

He could have given us insights into complex mathematical concepts with solutions to all the unsolved problems that still exist.

He could explain what would be the best political and economic system to implement and therefore promote the well-being of everyone.

And there is much more he could have done, but he found it more important to curse a fig tree for not producing fruit out of season.

David Keranen

Bakersfield, Calif.