HEET LED Light Bulb Swap

To the editor:

On behalf of the Houghton Energy Efficiency Team (HEET), I’d like to extend a round of applause to everyone who helped with our Great LED Light Bulb Swaps in Calumet and Houghton.

Together, the Swaps moved over 2,300 LED light bulbs into Houghton County homes. That translates into a total savings of about $24,000 on people’s electric bills in the next 12 months alone.

The savings haven’t stopped there: our Houghton Walmart Superstore now has the highest LED light bulb sales of any Walmart in the nation. This shows that our community now understands the value of switching to LEDs: they use about one-sixth the electricity as old incandescent bulbs, they give great light, and they can last 15 years or more.

It wouldn’t have happened without a lot of help. The LED manufacturer EarthTronics donated bulbs. Efficiency United made two special trips to Houghton County so UPPCO customers could buy LEDs at deep discounts.

The Ontonagon County REA provided free LEDs, along with lots of other energy-saving giveaways. The Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corp. sent along information on discounts and other deals for REA customers.

Michigan Tech’s Green Campus Enterprise handed out its brochure of energy-saving tips and did a great job simply helping out.

Erickson-Crowley-Peterson Funeral Home donated the use of its Siskiwit Reception Hall in Calumet, and Michigan Tech provided the community room at its Lakeshore Center.

Walmart not only donated bulbs, it provided refreshments so people could relax and visit after they bought their new LEDs.

We received great publicity from local media – kudos to Keweenaw County Sheriff Ron Lahti and Houghton County Sheriff Brian McLean for bringing their vocal talent to our radio ads.

Lastly, special thanks to everyone who came to the Swaps. You are doing more than saving money. You are now part of HEET’s quest to win the $5 million Georgetown University Energy Prize. Most importantly, you are helping Houghton County become an energy-efficient community.

Marcia Goodrich