Acupuncture at spa did the trick

To the editor:

I had been having a severe pain in my neck for over two years. I had physical therapy both here in Michigan and in Florida for over the entire time, even acupuncture in Florida. Nothing seemed to help. The one thing that would really aggravate it was driving. After only 20 or 30 minutes, the pain would be so severe that I would have to pull over for a few minutes.

In October of last year, I went in for my annual physical with Dr. Trusock. I told him of my problem and he suggested I go to Maggie’s Spa. Maggie’s Spa is named for Maggie Wahmhoff, who went to China and spent four months studying acupuncture.

So I took his advice and made an appointment to see her. I had three visits the last was one week before we were to leave on a trip. On the first day of our trip I drove for four hours with no pain. I never had to stop because of the pain and I have pain-free ever since.

Thank you, Maggie.

Bill Crouter