Clinton belongs in prison

To the editor:

Did you notice Bradley Kloppa and Jim Drinkard , Washington A.P. writers, never mentioned Clinton’s email crime in their article titled “A.P. Fact Check: Trump peddles suspect claims”? That’s one they don’t want to talk about. They did mention the book written by Peter Schweiger, “Clinton Cash,” which they say does not provide any evidence that there is a connection between business dealings by foreign governments involving the Clinton Foundation when Hillary was Sec of State. Why would they give millions to the Clinton’s if they didn’t expect favors in return? The Clinton’s got rich by accepting money (bribes) while she was secretary of state. Pure and simple. We are not idiots. The private email server which was not protected, which she kept in her house, allowed foreign governments to hack into all of our top secrets and gave them names of our secret agents. This is treason, folks. She did this so you and I would not know about her dealings for the Clinton Foundation. They pay their daughter an obscene salary a year from the foundation. Less than 10 percent is given away. Bill Clinton and Hillary have been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to give speeches for companies all over the world. These will get favors when she is president. Some of you who are reading this are Democrats and plan to vote for her. I know one thing for sure. No Christian can vote Democrat because their platform is in direct conflict with Christian beliefs.

The most important reason to vote for Donald Trump is because of the Supreme Court. Hillary would appoint judges that would do away with the Second Amendment, and your guns would be only a memory. They already have ruled to change the meaning of marriage. What is next? Hillary will increase your taxes and make the government a giant giveaway daddy to say nothing of the border. The more she can let in the country the more votes for the Democrats. Like Trump said, “Hillary belongs in prison.” This election is about saving this country we love. Donald Trump is attracting brilliant men he plans to surround himself with to give you your country back!

Lois Jean Dahlquist