Gun control is not the answer

To the editor:

Those in Washington who fail to identify the real reason for the Orlando atrocity again join our president in echoing shrill voices demanding more restrictions and regulations on firearms. No matter the volume of past regulations the answer to the crisis of the moment is always adoption of further limitations on gun ownership.

While loss of life and horrific crimes are deplored, we cannot be blinded to the fact that a man – a self-proclaimed supporter of ISIS – has brought this grief upon us. The clamor of self-serving politicians to restrict or eliminate firearms will only lead twisted minds to implement other avenues of destruction of life-the Boston Marathon terrorist brothers used bombs. Does anyone actually believe that more laws against guns will stop perpetrators of such heinous crimes?

In light of all of this we must not let those who call for additional regulations trample our rights grounded in the second amendment. These disingenuous people broadcast loudly that they do not wish to take rifles from hunters. This is utter nonsense and diversionary. Our founding fathers did not concern themselves with hunters when they codified this inviolable right. They feared, as stated in essence by not a few of our founders, the unbridled power of a gluttonous central government that could bind and enslave a defenseless citizenry.

Again we must painfully listen to President Obama parse words. This time it’s whether Omar Mateen was directly linked with ISIS, or as he suggests, a product of “home grown extremism.” Just how many more such atrocities will it take for Obama to get it right? ISIS must be eliminated, not merely contained or subjected to minimal air strikes.

We cannot allow anyone for any reason to manacle our constitutional rights. “If you surrender your rights for security you will have neither.”

It is not sufficient for Congress or other government agencies to simply vote against attempts to usurp our rights-they must actively and forcefully oppose those ready to impose onerous restraints on the second amendment. We therefore expect to hear voices condemning any attempt to restrict private gun ownership by law-abiding citizens. Failure to do this will be considered as dereliction of responsibility and a violation of our trust.

A vigorous, uncompromised defense of the second amendment is essential for a free people. Confused and shallow-minded politicians must be voted out of office.

Gail Wickstrom

Newell, W.V.