Qualified in all clerk duties

To the editor:

During my 10 years as county commissioner and board chairman of Houghton County, I have had the privilege of working with Jennifer Kelly Lorenz.

I feel that she is qualified for the job she has already been doing for the past years. The following are some of the responsibilities she has had:

16 years county experience

Probate/Family/Circuit Court/Friend of the Court/District Court

Elected 11/14 County Clerk

Performs marriages

Began free property fraud alert program for all Houghton County residents

She is a member of the Wyandotte Hills golf course for 29 years

She has taught kids Junior League for 9 years

She is supported by every city and township clerk in Houghton County

She resides in Elo with her husband Dan and daughter Megan.

Remember to vote in the August 2 primary and cast your vote for the right person.

Edward Jenich