Fascist alt-right movement

To the editor:

The term “fascism” is likely familiar even to those who may not understand what it means. This term has been broadly applied to politicians of all stripes, typically in cases where their critics have perceived them as abusing their power. This loose application of the term is misleading, however; fascism is a specific ideology, and there are current political groups whose aims are fascist both in spirit and application. Fascism is a belief in the absolute authority of government, under the control of a central party and a dictatorial leader. It is specifically anti-democratic; opposition in any form is not allowed and conformity is maintained through indoctrination and violence. Fascists do value any lives other than their own, and will attack anyone and anything that compromises their authority and control. Hitler is history’s most prominent fascist, and he is still held up as an example for modern-day fascists. It is vitally important to understand what fascism is, and who the fascists are, because our federal government is now under the control of fascists. Donald Trump is a fascist. The members of the alt-right movement are fascists. Steve Bannon is a fascist. If you support any of these people or their views, you support fascism. If you do not oppose any of these people or their views, you are enabling fascism. There are only two sides now, and we are all on one or the other. Our only remaining luxury is to choose which one.

Scott Ham