Swamp is being filled, not drained

To the editor:

President-elect Trump was elected on the promise that he would “drain the swamp.” So far, he has appointed the following cabinet members:

Billionaire Steve Mnuchin as Treasury secretary, who has deep roots on Wall Street and who profited from the financial crisis by buying out banks at fire sale prices and preying on home owners who were struggling during the recession. Next comes billionaire Wilbur Ross as Commerce secretary, known as the “King of Bankruptcy” for his investments in distressed properties. Next is billionaire Betsy DeVoss as secretary of Education, although she has never gone to a public school and will make vouchers available for all students, usable even at religious schools.

Even though Trump vowed to protect Social Security and Medicare, he has chosen Rep.Tom Price from Georgia to be his secretary of Health and Human Services. Rep. Price has long been an aggressive proponent for overhauling the safety net for seniors and low-income Americans and has threatened to cut benefits to more than 100 million Americans and privatize Medicare. Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance program will also be cut or eliminated. To privatize a government program means that people must buy it themselves from insurance companies whose bottom line is profit. The government’s bottom line is public health. There are no CEOs in government programs. The CEOs of insurance companies can make $20-100 million in bonuses, depending on how much they can squeeze out of the public. Not only is the swamp not being drained, but the fire hoses are going full blast. How long will it take before buyers remorse sets in?

Elizabeth Keranen

Bakersfield, Calif.