Creator’s work still unknowable

To the editor:

All stars are not created equal. In fact, just like the Goldilocks planet we live on, our sun is far from an ordinary star, remarkably stable and emitting light with a spectrum just right for our eyes to see and for plants to thrive. Red dwarf stars, for example, are far more numerous in our galaxy, unsuitable for an Earth-like planet because of frequent and deadly flares.

Our solar system resides in a neighborhood far from the high radiation galactic center, yet not so far that we can’t enjoy skies full of stars.

Scientists readily admit that a naturalistic origin for stars is one of the most fundamental unsolved problems of contemporary astrophysics. Neil deGrasse Tyson wrote, “If none of us knew in advance that stars exist, frontline research would offer plenty of convincing reasons for why stars could never form.” Other astrophysicists confess that galaxies shouldn’t exist, if you consider only natural processes, and that galaxies shouldn’t clump together the way they do.

Three hundred years ago Isaac Newton wisely saw God’s design in the mechanics of the solar system. It is the determined atheists in this generation who cannot see purpose and design in front of their own eyes: brilliantly designed bio-optical systems with nanotechnology far superior to anything man has made.

Why? Because they are motivated to deny their own conscience and defy their Creator.

Could a gazillion years of evolution have ever produced our incomparable sun and the eyes we see it with? Impossible!

Speaking in Isaiah 45:12, God says, “I have made the Earth, and created man upon it: I, even my hands, have stretched out the heavens, and all their host have I commanded.”

This is a clear statement of direct creation of the earth, of man, of the heavens, and all their host.

Marilyn Sager