Cats have ears, and so did hats

To the editor:

In response to the letter of Feb. 7 “Praising God for a Trump Presidency”, the Sisters March in Houghton/Hancock was the largest, most peaceful, and most civil one that I can remember since the 1970s. I was there, and obviously, the letter writer was not. The most vulgar and demeaning responses displayed were by those people driving across the bridge that chose to deliver obscene gestures from behind the glass of moving vehicles. My “favorite” was a female passenger in her mid-to-late-70s that flipped the double bird to the demonstrators from the passenger seat of her car. This car crossed the bridge three times within about 20 minutes. I did not hear even one obscene word from the marchers in the entire time that I was there. Regarding the pussy hats, I believe that a pussy is another word for a cat. Cats have ears and so did the pussy hats. To my knowledge, the stated anatomical parts do not have ears.

We as Americans should all be proud that we have the freedom to congregate and express our views. That the Sisters March was done in a peaceful manner with no arrests is a strong testimony to American values. I urge people on all sides of the issues to talk to each other and engage in civil discourse. Not so much to change minds (although that may happen), but find out what others really believe and why they believe it. We should not fear the truth.

Mike Irish