MDOT roads in terrible shape

To the editor:

Sure don’t feel in the writing mood, but I’ll try to make it short. The MDOT highways, the ones being taken care of by them, are in the worst shape they’ve been in for at least 50 years, especially the M-26 stretch from Houghton to Ontonagon County, some days, they run their dump trucks with blades on them a dozen times up and down M-26 towards Toivola and Donken and its still the worst its ever been. Fifty years ago and until they started so-called maintaining them; we went to college and work before daylight almost every day, our cars mostly had bad tires and don’t remember having 4x4s. I also don’t think we ever missed a day going to work in Houghton area also going up the line to work in the woods and restaurants towards Toivola.

The Houghton County Road Commission would have their grader make one swipe up and down 4-5 a.m. then put a little sand after. The snow was 90 percent gone then. Most days it would be real good for the rest of the day; sometime they would do it twice only! Now MDOT got their formulas for highways from somewhere in Gov. Snyder’s area, where they might get a half inch of snow or mostly dusting. Now the MDOT crew is dumping salt of one to three plus inches of snow to make pure slush. You show me an average vehicle that can drive on that! They are goofy, on the news this morning on TV6 it was reported that more highway fatalities since 2007. They, TV6, got from the state four reasons why the death rate is so high. Four different reasons, except the worst road condition that has ever been. MDOT should be named in more accident-related fatality lawsuits. They sure are mostly to blame. Maybe they would get this corrected and purchase a couple graders of have Houghton County Road Commission do the highway and get them safe again!

Mel Heikkinen