What LifePoint isn’t touting

To the editor:

Duke LifePoint has been touting improvements to its cardiovascular care. What it hasn’t been touting is its failure to restore cardiovascular patient records to its on-line patient portal.

In October of 2013, Duke LifePoint purchased Upper Michigan Cardiovascular Associates, P.C. Shortly afterwards it shut down the patient portal that allowed patients to access their records 24/7.

Since then I have repeatedly attempted to learn why the portal was shut down and if the patient records will be restored. None of the people I queried could provide answers including Ed Banos, former CEO Marquette General Hospital; Brian Sinotte, CEO UP Health System; Jim Bogan Regional President of Duke Lifepoint’s Upper Peninsula Hospitals; Bryan Breeser, Director, Heart and Vascular Services; Michele Hamel, Patient Advocate Marquette General Hospital; and William Carpenter III, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer LifePoint Health.

I challenge CEO Brian Sinotte to make a public statement addressing the following questions:

1. Why did Duke LifePoint shut down the cardiology patient portal?

2. How does limiting access to patient records improve our health care?

3. Why can’t an organization that expects to build a 300 million dollar hospital in a year and a half, restore a patient portal that was working fine when it bought it in more than three years?

4. What plans does Duke LifePoint have to restore patient records on line?

5. When will we be able to access our patient records on line?

We deserve answers; we deserve better.

Read Burgan

Lake Linden