Need independent look at county jail

To the editor:

Now we are getting somewhere. After readying the article submitted by Graham Jaehnig on March 3 in the Mining Gazette, we are starting to sort out the pros and cons for replacing the Houghton County Jail.

Camp Kitwin, with accommodations for 240 inmates allows possible future growth with other counties (Keweenaw County is participating now). The work camp for 26 inmates would not even be a consideration.

If Camp Kitwin is a possibility, we should be able to overcome its shortcomings, including purchasing it from the state. After all, it is owned by the taxpayers and sitting there, going to waste. Seems to me, major remodeling would be much less expensive than trying to build a new 240-inmate prison. The city of Houghton would be a much safer place to live without a prison.

I believe it’s time to get some independent consultants to give us some sound advice — no politics involved.

Vernon LeBlanc