Politicians don’t represent us

To the editor:

I wrote to our representative, Jack Bergman, about supporting HR 676 to provide health care for all. His reply stated that “infinitely expanding” Medicare so that it covers everyone in the US would be an “unfunded mandate.”  The last I heard, there is a finite number of people in this country. What is infinitely expanding is our government’s  enthusiasm for spending on the military, dropping bombs on people and figuring out how corporations can get rich from services that governments can do more efficiently.  Health care is only an unfunded mandate because politicians are not representing us anymore. What should be unfunded is war for profit and corporate welfare.

Middle-class people already pays way higher taxes for health care than they realize.  When you consider premiums, deductibles, copays and the amount their employers also pay toward premiums that could be paid in wages instead, it amounts to hundreds of dollars per paycheck. 

Imagine if employers didn’t have to be concerned with providing insurance for employees. How much easier it would be to run that business, expand it or start new businesses?

Remember, whenever a politician tells you that a policy is bad for business, they mean it is bad for the 1 percent who want to increase their profits and pass the costs on to you and future generations.

Richard Featherly

Stanton Township