Rekindled hope in people

To the editor:

Just when I was giving up hope on humanity because of the terrible things that are happening in the world, I witnessed something that rekindled my hope. I had witnessed a serious car accident and I was first on the scene because it happened behind me. Immediately after, people started pulling off the road and ran towards me. I asked someone to call for help and it seemed that everyone had cell phones. I don’t have a cell phone, but this made me realize I should get one. Several first responders showed up, firefighters came to hose the pieces of the cars off the road, someone from the Sheriffs Department came, and three ambulances drove up. Two wreckers were there soon to move the vehicles. They waited on one until both people were put on stretchers and put them in the ambulances. Everyone who showed up were very polite and I could see their concern. It was amazing to see all of those people pulling together to help others. I don’t think first responders and firefighters are paid to do this. They just want to help people. I want to thank our small community. You have given me hope again.

Lynn Murphy