Hancock students show compassion

To the editor:

I want to commend the students of Hancock Schools for their friendship of my nephew as he has Down’s, and in a world where we see less compassion especially for a special needs person, these kids showed how it should be.

As I worked at a public school many times if the ISD van was full I would have to give him a ride to and from Hancock school. Many times when he was getting out of the vehicle a student would come and walk in with him and many times I left with tears in my eyes to see the compassion these students show.

As he graduated on May 27 all our family couldn’t believe the students who congratulated him and took pictures with him, and at his open house party they came again by the car loads and everyone was amazed these were not just students but awesome friends.

Hats off also to football coach Mr. Holmstrom for having him as the water boy and making his role an important part of the team. He not only got a great education from Hancock School but friendships that will last a lifetime.

Mark Roth