Bright spot amid bridge chaos

To the editor:

I just want to get to work and hope my coffee does not drip on my white blouse. Mornings are not easy for me, and when things don’t go smooth, or there is a barrier in the way of my normal turn, it does nothing but make me anxious, cranky and agitated. However, amid all of the chaos on the bridge work, and this seems to be every summer, there is a bright spot.

I know everyone wants to be at work, and we all rush to get there, usually a few minutes late, so tensions are high. Looking at the long line that stretches down to Gino’s some days, I would have to resign myself to be late. It is bumper to bumper, sky-blue morning, coffee in hand, inching along. You think we were in LA. No, we are in Hancock, Michigan. The sunrise has just come up, and the bridge is blue, receiving cars, allowing the flow, aloof of the trials and tribulations of local drivers below.

The bright spot is, as I was waiting on a Hancock side street for a break in the endless line of vehicles, I see a person stop and wave me into a spot in front of them. Hard to believe, but yes, they are allowing me, as we use to say in bygone school days, “cuts.”

Not only did this happen once, but multiple times on different occasions. I wave back as a thank you and bring my auto into the main stream of cars. I am amazed and thankful. In this self-centered world, there is still kindness and decency and souls that recognize me as a fellow human being. I do not know these people who let me in line, but I am glad to live among them.

No this is not LA, or New York or Milwaukee or any of those behemoth cities at morning rush hour, thank God it is Hancock and at the end of the month of July we will be back to normal driving patterns. But I am glad and heartened to see that we have not lost our Copper Country touch of kindness for others. “Keep up the good work,” as my third-grade teacher used say.

Kathleen Johnson

Lake Linden