‘Much’ land claim incorrect

To the editor:

The data presented in the article in the July 6 edition headlined “much of Keweenaw County in conservancy” does not support this conclusion.

The Keweenaw Land Trust and the Northwoods Conservancy own a total of 2,773 acres of the county, which equals 4.33 square miles. Since the county consists of 540 square miles, these two conservancies own .8 percent of the county — hardly “much of Keweenaw County.”

There are, of course, other conservancies, including the Keweenaw Community Forest Company, the Nature Conservancy, the Michigan Nature Association, and the Audubon Society, that also own lands placed in conservancies, but they would have to own together another 266 square miles of the county in order to validate the claim that “much” of the land is now held in conservancies. Or at least 160 more square miles (one-third of the county).

Articles with incomplete data and misleading headlines are not helpful for citizens and voters trying to understand issues of concern. Nor are they good journalistic practice.

Marilyn Cooper