‘Unborn scream in protest’

To the editor:

Mother Nature. The crow’s feet at the corners of her ancient eyes deepen. Her eyes take in the whole of her blue-green sphere of teeming life. Her placid loving countenance slowly hardens as her furrowed brow of creases deepen into crevices of concern.

Humankind, her father’s last and favored creation, has rejected her messengers. Her atmosphere, the blanket to protect and nurture life is thick with soot and carbon.

She retreats to her library. Volumes of books line the soft green walls. Physics, biology, chemistry, geometry, hydrology, the carbon cycle.

Humankind has been a quick learner. Brilliant scientists, as patient and persistent as brave climbers of rock, scaled these boulders of intellectual knowledge and with each step and slip they were caught and pushed forward and upward by the shoulders of those gifted before. Slowly, these men and women teased out routes to her knowledge which before seemed only shear faces of impenetrable dense stone.

Still, all the while there are those who seek power for the sake of power. Their unwitting followers dismiss the science that which has been won in hard contest. Science is now discarded in a silly tribal party of self-serving ignorance.

Mother Nature painfully opens her books though she does not look down as she is the book gifted her by God at creation, the mandate of natural order.

Trembling, she turns to the yet to come and proclaims:

“Drought to shrivel hope.”

“Scorching winds to desiccate the living and the dead.”

“Floods that drown dreams.”

“The unborn scream in protest:

“Why us?”

Her father and creator appears thundering :

“Your fathers and mothers abandoned their global brothers and sisters.”

“Your parents were given dominion over all the earth. They were given the greatest brains in my creation. With free will, it was to be their fortune to harness my laws of nature to make abundant all that I have given.”

“They dismissed my laws of nature. I said Love Thy Neighbor, Thy Neighbor’s Children, and his Children’s Children. If love filled their hearts they would protect the Yet to Come. This has all been lost on them. They have traded their hearts for veins of coal and it’s meaningless fortune.”

Mother Nature clasps her Father. They cling to one another…and weep.

Greyson Morrow