Discovery fails to prove evolution

To the editor:

Let me get this straight. Although evolutionary thought has roots in antiquity, the issue presently is still unsettled. The history of evolution long predates Darwin’s theory, e.g., Heraclitus, c. 500 BC.

Voyager 11 put Neil Armstrong on the moon 20 July 1969. And ongoing space probes such as Voyager 1 and 2 reveal much more about our moon. (Source: 3-volume DVD set “Our Created Solar System)

Evolutionary theory says in the beginning our solar system was formed from a swirling cloud of gas and dust. Where did the cloud, gas and dust come from?

Mercury has a rapidly decaying magnetic field which should be impossible from a billions-of-years evolutionary perspective. The evolutionary idea is that a liquid magma dynamo sustains a planetary magnetic field. But Mercury’s core is solid. There cannot be a liquid dynamo. Furthermore, Mercury’s decaying magnetic field couldn’t exist more than a few thousand years which is consistent with a Biblical timescale but contradicts a solar system that supposedly began over four billion years ago.

Consider earth’s moon. Evolutionists were hoping those Voyager space probes would provide answers but they only further complicated matters. Another three theories surfaced, i.e., fission, nebular and capture.

Fission theory said the earth was spinning rapidly and a chunk fell off and became our moon. But upon examination, earth and lunar materials are different, e.g., the moon is deficient in iron. Also, the fast revolving earth would have completed rotating once every 2.5 hours or so. How did the earth slow down to once every 24 hours? Where did the energy go? That much energy would have raised earth’s temperature to 1000 C and boiled all the water away. But our oceans still exist.

Nebular theory says the moon was formed the same way our solar system was formed (see 3rd paragraph above).

Capture theory claims our moon was formed somewhere else, was floating by our planet and earth’s gravity pulled it in. But such gravitational pull isn’t possible without interacting with other objects too. Besides, the moon would have been going too fast to stay in orbit. So either the moon would have hit the earth or it would have flown on by.

Evolution is the only U.S. government-endorsed religion. When you reject the truth, you accept a lie, as in evolution.

Wouldn’t it be easier, dear Gazette subscriber, to read the KJV Bible and believe God’s word? Repent and follow Christ while time still allows.

Marilyn Sager