No reason to abandon animals

To the editor:

Abandoning domestic animals is against the law. It is not necessary to abandon your unwanted litters of kittens or puppies. We have had animal welfare organizations in the Copper Country since the early 1970s. That is over 40 years. This is not breaking news.

Recently a red van was seen leaving a Calico mother cat and two kittens on M-203 in Hancock. Fortunately they were rescued by residents of the area and are now safe. Abandoning animals is against the law, and not necessary. We have the Copper Country Humane Society, K-SNAG, O-CAP and U-PAWS, all animal welfare organizations, all willing to take on stray cats and kittens.

It is a mystery to me why abandonment of unwanted litters is still happening. Perhaps people are embarrassed to bring the animals to us. Don’t be. We would rather receive a phone call or visit requesting help than to find these animals on the side of the road, sick, filthy, full of parasites, starving, injured or worse.

There are articles and ads in the Daily Mining Gazette every week about our various animal groups.

We are here, ready to help, no questions asked, except perhaps, “Would you like help to have your female cat spayed?” If you are looking for a cat or kitten please consider adopting from one of our rescue organization rather than a “free kittens” ad. Our pets are vet checked and ready for placement.

Call K-SNAG 296-9144 anytime for spay/neuter assistance or help with an unwanted cat or kittens. We will do all that we can

Dawn VerBerkmoes

Lake Linden