Attacks on ACA are continuing

To the editor:

Once again the administration is creating a crisis in our health insurance program by attacking provisions in the ACA. It has been reported numerous times that President Trump has threatened to end the cost-sharing reduction subsidies called for in the Affordable Care Act. If his threats are carried out, the Congressional Budget Office reports, the premiums paid by health insurance customers would increase by a whopping 20 percent over their current premiums. The President has also shortened the sign-up period and reduced spending on advertising of the ACA provisions which further decreases the public’s knowledge of the benefits of the ACA and negatively affect enrollment.

Michigan’s Rick Snyder did not join a bi-partisan group of governors that has asked Congress to act NOW and pass laws to fund the cost-sharing reductions and removing the option to change that from the President’s power. 

The Houghton County Democratic Party along with Senators Stabenow and Peters are urging Governor Snyder to support the initiative in Congress to strengthen, not weaken, the Affordable Care Act by funding the cost-sharing reductions. Doing so would immediately lower premiums that have been greatly elevated to take into account the risk the President would refuse to make these payments.These health care options are vital to residents of the First Congressional District of Michigan. We must fight to keep them.