Book exposes church coverup

To the editor:

The only picture of the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge I want to see on the front page of this newspaper is: “SOLD” stamped in big letters across the front of it.

Have you read the book “Framed: The Coverup” by Tim Schoonard? The book is about a devoted Catholic man, his wife and seven children who had a dream of moving 600 miles from Lower Michigan to Keweenaw County to serve God and the Catholic Church by working with the Monks at the Society of St. John’s.

The problem is, things are not always what we think they are or will be. The Schoonards’ dream of serving God at the Society of St. John’s turned out to be their worst nightmare.

The first two nights of reading “Framed,” I lost sleep over it because of the shock and disgusting feeling in my gut. The last time I was this shocked was when at 12 years old, 64 years ago I was told my mother died a horrible death in Gradiot Location.

The book left me with many unanswered questions. Why the coverup? Was it fear, politics, to protect the people from the shame of such a blunder by its elected officials or was it to protect the Catholic Church and the Monks? I can guess all day.

Another question I have is why is the Jam Pot still open, why are the Monks still getting a tax exemption on their 600 acres and the Jam Pot?

Maybe this newspaper can find answers to these and any other questions the taxpayers of Keweenaw County may have. This is a story worthy of following up on.

We have a right to know the truth of what’s going on in the county we love and the place we are proud to call home.

No one should live in fear of living or visiting the Keweenaw. Note: The book can be purchased at Copper World on Fifth Street in Calumet.

Jack Sprietzer