Letter called for gun violence

To the editor:

I was appalled by the Oct. 13 letter to the editor suggesting or advocating gun violence toward the peaceful and nonviolent protesters. He stated “armed Second Amendment patriots” could destroy the resistance and Democrats. This is not patriotic, but cowardly and despicable. I don’t recall any of the resistance protesters driving a car into a crowd trying to kill as many people as they could. It was a pro-Trump supporter who did this in Charlottesville.

The resistance was exercising its right to free speech guaranteed by the First Amendment. Why shouldn’t people protest when we have an unstable, racist, pathologically lying imbecile occupying the White House? I prefer Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s description of Trump, but it’s not printable.

The writer states recent protest marches at first appeared to be spontaneous but were organized, as per Fox News. Media Matters and other fact checkers have determined 60 percent of Fox News reports are non-factual or lies.

The KKK and other white supremacy groups feel more emboldened to be violent since Jan. 20, 2017. These groups support the Trump regime. Trump continued his association with hate groups, as he recently spoke at Values Voter Summit on Oct. 13. This summit was sponsored by the Family Research Council, deemed to be a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The resistance and Democrats are uniting, not colluding, to hopefully restrain the Trump regime and agenda. The only collusion I believe happened was between the Trump campaign and the Russians. The resistance and Democrats are not foreign adversaries.

Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tennessee, is correct. Gen. John Kelly, Gen. James Mattis and Tillerson are standing between Trump and chaos.

This regime has been in power for roughly nine months with no major legislative accomplishments. It wants to destroy health care for millions and enrich the rich while disregarding the disabled, poor, middle class and seniors. It attacks the press and is trying to remove the wall between church and state. Its incompetence has botched the hurricane relief effort in Puerto Rico also. We’ll become an oligarchy like Russia or a theocracy if this continues.

We are in danger. The spineless Republican-led House needs to perform its duty and begin impeachment proceedings or Vice President Pence and the cabinet need to consider the 25th Amendment option to protect the nation from this danger. He (Trump) is not fit to serve.