Questions for a previous letter

To the editor:

Keith Ojala’s letter to the editor published on October 13 terrified me. He says that “Democratic protestors” could be destroyed “at the hand of the 2nd amendment patriots.” I have some questions for Mr. Ojala. Would you be proud to be famous for killing and injuring 100s of protestors? Would you like to be called a “lone wolf”? Do you really think this is what the authors of the 2nd amendment had in mind? Why do these thoughts not make you a terrorist, and not a patriot? How are mass shootings different from terrorist attacks? Why should we not want to pass laws to keep us safe from you by taking away the guns that you want to use to kill us? You seem to believe you are a good person, but you sound like someone who wants to kill me for my beliefs. I really hope that is not true.